Who are we?

Adventure Readers was founded by Leslie Poznanter, a mother and grandmother who has worked as a reading tutor for over 20 years. Leslie’s innovative teaching style has had incredible success helping children of all ages, including kids with learning disabilities and ESL students. It became a regular occurrence for parents to come to her with children who had been told they would have to repeat a grade––only to succeed in bringing that child up to grade level reading, and often beyond, in just a few sessions.
Adventure Readers was born when Leslie’s son David along with his childhood friends Jonathan Dotan (Producer: HBO’s Silicon Valley) and David Bernbaum (Writer and Producer of Batman: The Animated Series VR) decided to create an app that would bring Leslie’s revolutionary coaching method to children around the world.

Working closely with Leslie and reading specialist Deidra Tineo, M.A.Ed., the three childhood friends spent the next five years working tirelessly to create a labor of love: Adventure Readers and the Quest for the Magic Moonstone.

Working with a team of artists on three continents, this rich collaboration resulted in an app that takes children all the way from pre-literacy to the ability to read full sentences with no need for help from an adult.

Why did we create this app?

Learning to read can be fun and easy when young readers are taught the right tools. The trajectory of a child’s life is dependent on the ability to read. Yet many children do not enjoy what could be one of the single greatest sources of fun, excitement and self-esteem in their young lives.

Unfortunately due to entrenched methods of proven ineffectiveness, many children struggle with this essential life skill. Most apps today simply reproduce the shortcomings inherent in existing reading methods.

Additionally, children with learning disabilities or who are learning English as a second language often struggle even more with the traditional approaches to early childhood literacy.

Our app addresses these issues in two ways: through an innovative approach to building reading skills, and by transforming the learning experience from challenge to adventure.

A Word From Our Founder:

My name is Leslie Poznanter. I’ve been known professionally as “The Reading Coach” for over 20 years. I’ve been fortunate to succeed in helping thousands of children who were struggling with reading. I’ve watched children’s confidence soar when using my method.

Over the years I’ve seen many children and parents frustrated with the traditional reading methods used in schools. I’ve worked to develop an effective alternative and the results have been nothing short of astounding. The many months that were once necessary to teach a child to read, or to bring a child to grade level, have been shortened to just a few hours. The result of our method is immediate and so are the changes in the child’s self-esteem.

Working together with my son David, we’ve assembled a talented team of artists and technology experts with the dream of bringing this proven reading method to children around the world. After five years of hard work and dedication, the result is an app that offers not only a remarkable reading experience, but takes your child on an adventure they’ll never forget. From our family to yours, we wish your child a lifetime of reading adventure.