There are countless reading apps on the market for young children, but they are not all the same. Many apps assume mastery of complex concepts before teaching the basics. Others may be more developmentally appropriate, but are not engaging to young children.

Adventure Readers includes a blend of cutting edge teaching methods and fun, dynamic engagement for preschoolers. If they are able to tap on an iPhone or iPad, then they can use Adventure Readers to learn how to read!

A good preschool reading game has the following characteristics:
  • Developmentally appropriate: Includes activities suitable for young children, yet challenging enough to stimulate learning.
  • Engaging for the child: Designed with young children’s attention span in mind - broken into short segments and capable of holding a child’s interest for a sustained period of time
  • Sequentially correct: Games and activities are presented in an order that allows a child with no former reading skills to immediately begin developing foundational skills.
Adventure Readers is a great iOS app for children in preschool who are learning how to become confident readers.

Here is how we stack up against the competition:

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Adventure Readers
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