Adventure Readers is a fun, dynamic reading game, but it’s a whole lot more than that.

Our app represents a fundamental transformation of the way we introduce children to literacy.

Whether you are looking to help your child learn to read, or get them to grade level, we can help!

How Our Reading Program Works

Words are made up of sounds, not letter names. Mixing these two while a child is learning to read can be confusing. Adventure Readers only uses the sound the letter represents, allowing your child to easily “decode” the English language. This is one of the key ways our approach differs from other reading apps.
Adventure Reader’s curriculum was carefully created by reading coach Leslie Poznanter, based on her 20 years experience teaching children to read using her method. Unlike the haphazard approach used by most apps on the market, our app leads your child sequentially through all the skills necessary for learning how to read, including:
  • Knowledge of “the code”: understanding which letter represents which sound
  • Phonemic awareness: being able to hear, identify, and change sounds to make words
  • Blending: the ability to read left to right, one sound at a time, and blend the sounds to hear a word
Our creative team has worked to make a flexible game that accommodates the needs of younger children, while also being a blast for older children. Whether you are looking to help your child learn to read or get them to grade level, we can help!

What Can I Do?

Adventure Readers does not require parental supervision. Our application is simple enough for any child 3+ years of age to use. That said, some parents do want to be involved in their children’s learning process.

We recommend that parents should:
  • Allow your child to make mistakes. Our program has built-in help to direct them to the correct answer.
  • Use only letter sounds (e.g. the sound “a” as in “hat”) and not letter names when playing the game.
  • Encourage your child to be vocal when prompted by the app to speak.
Download our application today to get started! Your child will love the adventure. You’ll love their delight as their confidence soars.

What is Our Method?

Words are made up of sounds, not letter names. Mixing the two while learning to read is often confusing for children and detrimental to their learning process. Our system uses only the sound that the letter represents, allowing your child to quickly learn to decode the English language and to read with ease. This single factor can mean the difference between your child having a positive, rewarding reading experience or one that is riddled with confusion and frustration. It is also one of the main focuses of our approach that sets our app apart from the hundreds of reading apps available today.

Additionally, most literacy apps on the market do not present a progression of letters and words that are developmentally appropriate. Our app’s curriculum was carefully crafted by Leslie and Deidra to guide children through a progression allowing the child to rapidly succeed and master basic reading skills, and then to build incrementally on that success as additional letters and concepts are presented.

In addition, the creative team and programmers worked to create flexible gameplay that accommodates the learning needs of younger children while simultaneously allowing for full engagement by older children at more advanced reading levels.

How Do We Keep Kids Engaged?

One of the primary innovations of Adventure Readers is to present its learning pedagogy within the context of a 70-page adventure story––the thrilling tale of two young siblings who join a rambunctious space monkey on a quest across the galaxy. Together they blast off in a rocket ship to save the universe through the power of reading.

Children are rewarded for completing each learning activity with the next page of the story. The adventure is presented as a “motion comic,” meaning that individual panels come to life, and the characters move and speak thanks to the work of an extraordinary cast of voice-over performers, set against the backdrop of a fully orchestrated musical score recorded by live symphony musicians.

The Adventure Readers story is a journey across seven fantastic planets. In addition to its emphasis on building reading skills, the Adventure Readers story encourages children with valuable life skills such as working together to overcome obstacles, greeting new challenges with curiosity and good humor, and making new friends.