Learning to Read is Fun

Adventure Readers is the best way to teach your kids how to read. We pack 130+ activities into a fun, motion comic cartoon.

Blast off on an amazing adventure!

Adventure Readers offers a revolutionary approach to childhood literacy. Your child will master months of basic reading skills in just a few hours while taking part in an unforgettable journey.
Innovative curriculum
Adventure Readers features 130 activities and curriculum based on thousands of successful one-on-one coaching sessions.
This thrilling adventure story is a 70-page animated comic featuring 7 fantastic planets and 15 unforgettable characters.
Your child will be immersed in an intergalactic universe designed to promote learning and child engagement.
Proven effectiveness for children ages 3-6.
You’ve never seen a reading game with stunning artwork and a musical score recorded live by symphony musicians.
Adventure Readers is proven to be life-changing for children ages 3-6. They love our story, our graphics, and our reading activities! When testing our app, we often hear, “This is the funnest game ever!”

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Look no further than Adventure Readers.