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We are here to help with any questions or concerns you may have about our program. Below is a list of frequently asked questions.

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Question: How does Adventure Readers work?

Answer: Adventure Readers’ unique blend of education and entertainment will change the way your child sees reading. The program takes your child through seven different levels, each comprised of 10 distinct learning activities. Unlike other reading programs, which provide little to no narrative context, Adventure Readers’ singular innovation is to set its education content within a thrilling adventure story told in a 70-page motion comic that weaves together all learning activities. After completing each dynamic learning activity, your child is rewarded by the next pages of the comic book adventure, a thrilling animated narrative spanning seven imaginary planets! Our story features two young children and their companion, a rambunctious space monkey, as he takes them on an enchanting quest to save the universe through the power of reading.

Adventure Readers includes an intergalactic cast of unforgettable characters, stunning animation, and an original cinematic soundtrack recorded by professional orchestral musicians.

Question: What will my child learn?

Answer: Unlike most literacy apps, our unique approach can take your child from pre-literacy all the way through the ability to read basic sentences. We start with letter recognition and proceed in simple developmental stages from forming basic words to reading complete sentences.

Question: What skills are taught?

  • Blending: Reading from left to right while blending the sounds to make (and hear) a word.
  • Segmenting: Saying a word and taking it apart, letter by letter, in order to hear each sound.
  • Sound and letter correspondence: Learning which letter represents which sound.
  • 1-to-1 correspondence: Teaching only those sounds that can be represented by one letter.
  • Sound Manipulation: The ability to be able to switch or substitute one sound (phoneme) for another to make a new word.
  • Letter Tracing: Learning how to correctly reproduce the shape of all letters taught.
  • Sight word identification: The ability to read and understand the simplest and most common sight words.
  • Reading out loud: Reading aloud with recording and playback to support learning.

Question: What is the effectiveness of the Adventure Readers program?

Answer: Our app is based on Leslie Poznanter’s transformative method for working with young children. Her method boasts an astonishing 97% success rate. It has proven effective at helping children reach grade level in just a handful of sessions, and works for children no matter what level of learning– including those with learning disabilities, such as dyslexia, and ESL students.

Question: What makes the learning approach of our program unique?

  • Only sounds are used
  • No letter names to confuse the child
  • Only 1 letter represents a sound
  • Needs no help from parents
  • Child is guided through developmentally appropriate, sequentially accurate games

Question: Why don’t we use letter names?

Answer: Words are made up of sounds, not letter names. Mixing the two is often confusing for children and detrimental to their learning process. Our method uses only the sounds we actually hear when we read, allowing your child to be unencumbered by extra information that isn’t helpful. This single factor can mean the difference between your child having a positive, rewarding reading experience or one that is riddled with confusion and frustration. This method is also what sets our app apart from the hundreds of reading apps available today. Letter names can be learned very quickly after your child concretely knows the sounds and has begun to read.